Umoya Foods is a venture of Scaled Impact, a South African not-for-profit that creates local and international products and markets to drive rural development.


Each one of our healthy whole foods based products contains ingredients that are carefully chosen and, wherever possible, sourced from the local producers and small farmers we work with to drive rural community incomes. Umoya products link you directly to the farmers who grow and gather the ingredients.


Our products are also free from refined sugars, gluten, artificial additives or preservatives and are packaged in fully recyclable packaging.

Dont Take Our Word For It...

I get really excited when I hear about foods which are both local and which provide a power-house of nutrients.

Amaranth leaf appears to be one food which is attracting a lot of interest because it is already a part of local diets in many parts of Africa, but more importantly because it contains noteworthy amounts of nutrients like vitamin A precursors (beta-carotene), vitamin K, vitamin C, folate, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, copper, and protein.
Monica Codevilla Nutritional Therapist
I love that Umoya is made from local, organic ingredients with no added preservatives or sweeteners. The Thrive cereals were so easy to use, absolutely delicious just by adding a liquid. I felt full of energy after a bowl of Thrive, knowing it was packed full of plant proteins, anti-oxidants and other nutritional superfoods.

It's gluten-free and super good for the gut. Would definitely recommend adding this to your shopping lists.
Christy aka Conscious the Brand

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