We source our baobab powder locally from Eco Products in Limpopo who work with local rural communities to sustainably gather the fruit of the quintessentially African Baobab tree with the aim to protect the trees and to provide these villages with income. EcoProducts then further processes the fruit into oil and powder which we then use in the production of our Feisty Baobab Spring nutrient boost and our Thrive Baobab cereal.


Baobab has a surprisingly zesty lemon flavour but is unbelievably creamy and luxurious in texture. While the flavour is truly something special, we feel that its nutrient profile of macro- and micro-nutrients is truly the Baobab’s most redeeming quality.


Its most notable nutrient benefit is the fact that it is exceptionally high in fibre – one teaspoon (15ml) contains 4g of fibre which is essential for optimal digestion and lowering cholesterol levels. Its high vitamin C content – 100g of fruit pulp contains a staggering 500mg of vitamin C – helps support the immune system, stimulate the sustainable release of energy and aid iron metabolising. In addition to this, the extensive mineral content of baobab powder has been known to help regulate blood pressure and slow down the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream.


Be inspired by this African fruit and its health wonders.


Ancient civilisations celebrated the cacao bean and the chocolate that came from it and not much has changed in modern times. Chocolate is still regarded globally as the most popular ice-cream flavour and is the way in which we commercially celebrate love. But, in its purest form – cacao – it is an antioxidant wonder.


Raw cacao contains flavonoids which is a plant-based antioxidant that studies have shown reduce fatigue, improve heart health, cognitive functions and blood pressure regulation. The polyphenols in the cacao also reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure and improve one’s mood. It is also high in fibre, magnesium and potassium.


Chocolate is a universally loved flavour and our Thrive Cacao cereal and Chocolate Glorious nutrient boost have been expertly blended to give the die-hard choco-holic their chocolate fix while still ensuring that the benefits of cacao are harnessed and experienced.


Beets are currently all the rage in the health food realms but their uses actually date back to ancient Roman times thanks to the ease with which they grow, versatility and nutrient dense profile.


Its health benefits are plenty – rich in the phytochemical betaine which facilitates fat metabolism, and the red pigment betanin which aids liver detoxification. It also contains notable amounts of natural nitrates to improve blood circulation and exercise performance.


Our Thrive Cacao is naturally sweetened with beetroot powder we source from the Siyazisiza Trust who work with a network of over 300 rural farmers in the Eastern Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal. Beetroots are a hardy crop that require very little water and can grow in and improve soil of poor quality making it a viable crop for impoverished farming communities.


Amaranth is an ancient African crop used in ancient and modern civilisations as a staple food source. It is also known as wild African Spinach or Morogo and is rich in micronutrients like manganese, vitamin A, vitamin K and iron. 

The hardy plant is highly drought resistant and can be grown year round in sub-optimal soil and weather conditions making it a low-risk source of income for rural impoverished farming communities. 

The plant itself yields edible pseudo-grain (a grain-like seed) that can be puffed or milled. The pseudo-grain is high in protein, iron and fiber. Health benefits associated with consuming amaranth grain include lowering cholesterol levels, inflammation and digestive health. We use amaranth grain in its many forms in all our Thrive cereals.

Our Nutrient Boost products contain dried and powdered Amaranth leaf. These leaves contain noteworthy amounts of a variety of vitamins and other micronutrients.