About Us

Umoya Foods is a Johannesburg based venture of Scaled Impact, a not-for-profit that creates local and international products and markets to drive rural development. Umoya creates and distributes healthy, whole food products based on African crops sourced from small scale farmers and gathers. The foundation of Umoya is built on 3 pillars:


  • High quality health food products: We use as few ingredients as possible with intent behind each choice. No refined sugar, artificial additives or preservatives have been used. ​Read more about our ingredient breakdown here 
  •  Local sourcing: Wherever we can, we work directly with local producers and small farmers to drive rural community incomes. Buying an Umoya product links you directly to the farmers who grow or gather the ingredients.​
  •  Developing small producers: We work with small scale farmers in Limpopo and Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, to identify high value crops, assist in developing on-farm processing systems and guide the farmers to meet food safety requirements for commercial retail products. ​Read more about our famers  here.

We are currently focussed on creating a market for the amaranth plant which is a drought resistant crop suited to the Southern African climate. Our amaranth leaf is grown by small scale farmers in South Africa.

Umoya Foods also strives to ensure that our products impact the environment as minimally as possible. Our packaging is therefore fully recyclable with home compostable inner bags.