Perfect for warm summer days.


1 x 400ml tin coconut cream⁠
1.5 tbsp Umoya Foods Feisty Baobab Spring ⁠
2 tbsp Almond butter ⁠
3 tbsp maple syrup ⁠
1 tsp chopped pickled ginger ⁠
Pinch salt ⁠


Combine everything except for the pickled ginger in a small saucepan. ⁠
Gently heat. ⁠
Use a whisk to combine ingredients. ⁠
Don’t let the mixture boil. ⁠
Once it is well combined transfer to a bowl and leave in the fridge to cool for an hour. ⁠
Then transfer to an ice cream machine and churn. Adding in bits of pickled ginger at the same time. ⁠
Once the ice cream is thick and the churner has stopped the ice cream is ready to eat! ⁠

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