1. Supported brain function 

Turmeric contains curcumin which is believed to help regulate compounds in the brain that maintain energy balance and therefore help ward off fatigue. Powdered ginger has been shown to increase Nerve Growth Factors, which help create signal pathways in the brain. Ginger also promotes the making of markers between these signal pathways so that messages move with military effectiveness! Obviously, we love ginger and turmeric and believe in their brain-stimulating powers!  

Feisty Baobab Spring and Turmeric Zen Shine  contain ginger and turmeric.

  1. Post workout recovery

Muscles working hard will respond with inflammation, and can cause aches and pains the next day. Ginger helps to inhibit production of the bad type of eicosanoid molecules which cause inflammation. While baobab contributes to an overall reduction of inflammation in the body, therefore supporting muscle recovery. Further, the micronutrients in baobab and amaranth leaf will replace electrolytes lost through all that sweat in the gym. Electrolytes are minerals which form part of the chemical balance needed to allow the absorption and release of nutrients, water, and waste in your body’s cells.  

A Feisty smoothie after your workout will not just taste good, but will refresh your body and reduce headaches and muscle aches the following day.  


  1. Greens are good for your body and your skin

All four of UMOYA mixes contain essential vitamins and minerals, which unlock enzymes maintaining your body’s natural balance. Our foods are high in vitamin C, manganese and magnesium which help convert un-absorbable minerals into absorbable ones. The simplest way to understand this comes from looking at vitamin C. Vegetables (especially dark greens like spinach and amaranth) are rich in the poorly absorbed nonheme iron. Vitamin C increases nonheme iron absorption by linking up with iron therefore allowing it to dissolve in water and be absorbed by your blood. Vitamin C also helps form connective tissue known as collagen which forms the bulk of your skin! That means it keeps your skin glowing and fresh. Not to mention that a lack of Vitamin C (and therefore collagen) would result in all those gnarly scurvy scars…  

So, if you haven’t been convinced by one of these reasons as to why UMOYA could be a great addition to your diet, at least consider it as an extra defence against nutrient deprived sailor symptoms!  


  1. Antioxidants

When treating yourself to any of the UMOYA mixes you’ll get loads of antioxidants from amaranth leaf, ginger. But what do they really do? Antioxidants prevent oxidative damage. This is when little chemicals called reactive oxygen species (ROS) disturb chemical balance and steal away electrons from harmless proteins, fatty acids and DNA bystanders causing their structures to change (be oxidised). What we see in our bodies without antioxidants is faster ageing, more chronic diseases, and in extreme cases cancerous growths. Though everyone’s body and chemical makeup is different, it’s worth building up your system with powerful tools, rather than leaving it all to luck. Eating foods rich in antioxidants helps your body maintain the right chemical balance for a healthy, long life!  


  1. Immune boosting  

Two tablespoons of Vital Green or Feisty Baobab Spring will meet 45% of your daily needs for Vitamin C. But how does that work? Vitamin C supports neutrophils, which are white blood cells that: eat the pathogens which make you sick, attack infections, release antimicrobials, and then die after the infection is gone. The Vitamin C protects and supports these neutrophils in all their endeavours and help them die once they’ve done their job so that prolonged inflammation is avoided and you’re fit as a fiddle faster! 


  1. Omegas  

Our Chocolate Glorious and Turmeric Zen Shine mixes contain chia seeds, which is a superfood full of good fats, especially omega-3 fatty acids. These are integral in producing the good type of eicosanoid molecules which help regulate blood clotting, decrease blood pressure, and reduce inflammation. So they add protection against heart disease and strokes. It is important to keep a good balance between omega 3 and 6, omega 6 is abundant in the typical western diet so top up on your omega 3s wherever possible to support balance.  

As you can see our Umoya mixes have a range of benefits across the board because of each of the specially selected ingredients! We do however, as always, emphasise that to truly treat your body with the care and attention it deserves a well-rounded range of nutrients is always a good idea.  


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